I have loved watercolors for as long as I can remember.  The qualities of transparency and luminosity have always grabbed my attention and made this medium my all-time favorite.  Brilliant color and a feeling of movement are what excite me most about watercolor.

I have not been a “natural born” artist, drawing and sketching from an early age.  Rather, I have always enjoyed art and felt that I would be involved sometime in my life.  I dabbled in it for a short time many years ago and loved it.  Life, however, got in the way as I remarried, relocated, expanded my career, etc., etc. I vowed that I would get involved when I retired and, was enrolled in classes at Allan Hancock College within days of my last workday.  I have studied with Gene-Ingliss Ward, Marti Fast, John Hood, Sandra Kay Johnson and Sheila Underwood locally.  Attending workshops has been another way I plunged into my artistic journey.  Many, many enjoyable workshops given by Don Andrews, Tom Lynch, Dale Laitenan, Cathy Quiel and Lien Quan Zhen have been highlights of this happy journey.

On this journey I have learned to really SEE the world around me and look for new ideas everywhere.  I am not trying to paint in a super realistic photographic technique – –  I believe the viewer can identify what I have painted, but I prefer to render my subject in a more expressive way.  My passions are color, movement and feeling. My work at this point may not hit all three of these consistently, but my hope is that my paintings will cause the viewer to smile and feel happy.

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